Blueberry Health Benefits & Products

Health Benefits

Blueberries are one of the healthiest snacks in the world. Below, you will find some helpful tips on choosing the freshet and sweetest blueberries.

Native to North America, blueberries are rich in proanthocyanidin, the natural antioxidant that’s proven to fight cancer, lose weight and give you glowing young skin.

Natural medicine has long held that these round purple berries give long-life health benefits that far exceed their tiny size.

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One among these super-foods is the very nutritious, Blueberry. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, that also helps in iron absorption and protects cells against damage. Blueberries are one such wonder-food which offers so many advantages and has multiple benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits of blueberries to understand this fruit better.

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The anti-oxidant power of blueberries has been shown to be particularly useful in stabilizing brain function and protecting the neural tissue from oxidative stress. Studies have shown improvements in memory and learning while reducing symptoms of depression.

Blueberries Benefit the Body By:

1.  Feeding Your Microbiome:  The polyphenol anti-oxidants help to preferentially enhance the development of good microbial species that help you burn fat, absorb key nutrients and detoxify wastes.

2.  Protection from UV Radiation:  The anthocyanin anti-oxidants in blueberries help protect us from the damaging effects of UV radiation exposure.

3.  Improve Brain Function:  The unique array of anti-oxidants in blueberries has been shown to have powerful effects on cognition, mood and memory.

Best Ways to Use Blueberries:

1)  Shakes and Smoothies:  This is my favorite way to utilize blueberries.  Because their seeds are so small they mix well and don’t have the seedy consistency that you get with strawberries and raspberries.  I prefer to use frozen berries for my shakes and smoothies.

2) Salads:  Mix some fresh berries in salads and other veggie dishes

3) Grain-Free Cereal:  You can use blueberries in various grain-free cereal creations.  I like to put cacao nibs, coconut flakes, other nuts and seeds and blueberries in a bowl with coconut milk or coconut yogurt and make a great tasting cereal alternative.

4) Blueberry Muffins:  We have various blueberry muffin recipes on our website that are absolutely amazing!!!

5) Blueberry Cookies:  Blueberries can also be combined and made into some incredible cookies that I LOVE!!!!

6) Ice Cream:  This fruit is a wonderful addition to a healthy homemade ice cream